Busy busy busy…

19 Mar

I’ve been neglecting this blog recently – all my attention has been on university and trying to overcome hard personal problems. The good news is that I finish the year soon, which means I’ll be able to give this aspect (the fun aspect!) The attention I’d like to give it. I’ll still have work to do, but it will be more spaced out. I have lots of things I’d like to blog about, and am looking forward to it. Until then ~

魔法少女まどか☆マギカ Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magika – Thoughts on the Anime.

8 Feb

Some of you may have come across this anime. It’s a currently airing series in Japan, and I believe there are a couple of manga series in the works. My initial impression of the anime was one of “this seems kind of immature for me”. As the first episode progressed, my impression became “this is like a bad trip”. I thought I wouldn’t be their target audience, but damn, I’m adicted to it now. I want to know what happens next!

The general plot of the story is that creatures known as familiars exist who have the power to grant one wish to a chosen girl. However, that girl must then become a Puella Magi, a girl with magical powers, and fight against witches, evil creatures born from curses that are responsible for murders and suicides, all the bad things in the world etcetera etcetera. A schoolgirl named Madoka Kaname and her friend Sayaka Miki are approached by a familiar named Kyubey (who is the little odd cat / dog like white creature) and Puella Magi named Mami Tomoe with offers of becoming magical girls. Another Peulla Magi named Homura Akemi tries to prevent Madoka from making such a deal… The story is fairly dark, and to be honest, I found it initially a bit scary! >.< The motives of Kyubey seem fairly devious.

What are your thoughts on the anime? I was attracted by the whole magical girl thing – I saw Cardcaptor Sakura a few times when I was younger, and regret not watching it then. This seems, to me, like it could be a more adult version of a show like that?

It seems like there could be merch for the show on the way – here’s a Madoka nendoroid… What kind of merch would you like to see? I’d like to see some Kyubey stuff. He seems to be both very cute and very creepy at the same time!

けいおん! K-ON! figma 田井中 律 Tainaka Ritsu

7 Sep

Here we go! Ritsu arrived the other day. I bought her from amiami, and she was packaged well – for a heavier item I would probably expect something other than paper, but figma’s tend to be fairly light!

For those unfamiliar with K-ON!, it’s an anime / manga about 5 high school girls who have a music club together, and form a band. I find it a bit filler-ish at times but it’s pretty entertaining!

The box is really lovely – it contains a stage diorama at the back, which you can use if you have the figma diorama kit. I like the use of printing (in the K-ON! girls case, musical notes) on the acetate – something that seems to be on all figma boxes, and I think adds a really nice touch.

This box is larger than the other K-ON figma’s, due to Rii-chan’s drum kit! Other than the drum kit, her accessories include a change of shoes (indoors/outdoors) like the other K-ON! girls, a couple of faces – a very happy face, and what seems to be a “I am unamused!” face. She also has some alternate hairstyles – one with interchangeable bumps, which is a reference to a scene in the anime.

Here’s a close up of the back of the box, displaying the posability of the figma. It also has other details such as the materials the product is made from, health and safety information, the information of the companies that made it, and so on.

This is what you get inside that lovely box. I like the kind of packaging that MaxFactory / GoodSmile Co use – it keeps everything securely in place and displays it well. I’ve never had a product from them that arrived damaged. And it’s very easy to open, unlike that heat sealed packaging on some other products!

Here’s a close up of the upper right side of the box. The bumps are a nice reference to the anime, but I’m not sure I’ll display Ritsu with them… ^^;

Her uniform stays true to the anime, being a lot scruffier than that of the others –  untucked shirt and open blazer!

I’m fond of the very happy face! Which face is your favourite?

The kick pedal for the bass drum is so detailed! I love attention to detail! ^w^ It’s got the correct setup and all the right details short of actually working.

Another thing I was impressed with was the spring on the bottom of the snare. I think MaxFactory’s / GoodSmile co’s attention to detail really makes this figma worth the money.

It’s tricky to pose her behind the kit, but worth it when you get it right!

A quick run down of the actual figma – her blazer and shirt are made of a lovely soft plastic, so that she can be positioned and posed without restrictions. The same goes for her skirt. This layout is the same for all of the K-ON! girls, and if they have longer hair some of it will be made of the softer plastic, to give a more natural feel and fewer restrictions to their poses. All of the K-ON! girls hands are of the newer straight peg type – I found this a great improvement on the older ball-jointed type as seen on older models such as the Lucky Star figmas.

The only small issue I had with this figma is that the snare and tom wouldn’t stay upright. You had to get them at just the right angle to stay, otherwise they immediately flopped downwards. It may have just been my model however. It’s certainly not much of an issue to me, however, as it’s easily fixed.

3/5ths of HTT! ^_^

Overall I find the K-ON figmas to be pretty darn good! The best figmas yet in my humble opinion. I think the figma range will keep on improving from what we’ve seen in the past.

What do you guys think of the K-ON figmas? Think figmas in general will continue to improve?

Things to Come…

24 Jul

I will be busy with moving house and revision (;_;) for the next few weeks… But once everything is done, I have a lot of stuff lined up for reviews! :3

Here’s what you can expect.

  • Lucky Star Special Limited Edition Box Sets 2, 3 and 4.
  • Lucky Star Figma Konata Izumi Summer Uniform Version
  • Lucky Star Figma Kagami Hiiragi Summer Uniform Version
  • Lucky Star Figma Tsukasa Hiiragi Summer Uniform Version
  • Lucky Star Figma Miyuki Takara Summer Uniform Version
  • Death Note Pucchi/Petite Nendoroids of Light Yagami, L, and Misa Amane.
  • K-On Figma of Mio Akiyama (I really like her and I don’t want to pack her away for the move yet!) :3

There’s also some other bits and bobs I’ll write about, but those are the main ones.

Let me know which you want to see reviewed most – I don’t have an idea of what to do first yet. ^_^

Lucky☆Star らき☆すた Raki☆Suta Special Limited Edition Box Set 1.

10 Jul

Well here we are, my first review! This will be a review of the Lucky Star 1 Special Edition Box Set.

Here are all four of the limited edition box sets, I haven’t had a chance to check out the others yet.

For those not familliar with the series, the Lucky Star (らき☆すた Raki☆Suta) anime is based on the manga of the same name, which was written by Yoshimizu Kagami (美水かがみ), and initially started as a strip in Comptiq magazine.

The series focuses on the school days and life of four young women – Konata Izumi, Kagami Hiiragi, her twin sister Tsukasa Hiiragi, and Miyuki Takara.

Konata seems to be the main character of the series. She is an otaku, and like yours truly, prefers gaming, watching anime, reading manga and so on to studying, and her priorities lie that way too. Due to her lack of enthusiasm for school work, she often asks to see her friends notes. Her body is immature compared to her companions, but she sees her flat chest as a virtue!

Kagami is the “straight man” of the series, appearing to be a tsukkomi and occasionally tsundere kind of character. She is in a different class from the other girls, but she spends her break times with them. She studies hard, and plays some games like Konata, though she is a fan of FPS’s. She seems to be more mature than her twin sister, and she often acheives more than her.

Tsukasa is a cooking enthusiast, who plays the light hearted, sweet, and clumsy girl of the series. She seems to bte overshadowed by her sister, and have a shy nature compared to her.

Miyuki is the “Meganekko” of the group. She studies hard, and has the most mature body of the group – something that Konata occasionally teases her about. She comes from a wealthy family, seems to be clever, friendly, and is very polite even to her closest friends, using the suffix “-san” when the others mostly use the playful “-chan”.

The box the first volume came in is meant to be used to store all the volumes eventually. I think it’s a good idea, and it would be nice if other series followed suit as I can see it being a good space saver. The box features a lot of vibrant artwork featuring the girls, and is made of strong cardboard which has a glossy finish.

And here’s what was found inside (yeah, so it was a lot neater than this initially). The DVD itself, two CD’s, a t-shirt featuring the girls’ winter uniform, and a little chocolate cornet screen wipe!

Unfortunately I forgot a picture of the CD’s, but one is the Take It! Sailor Uniform (Motteke! Sērāfuku もってけ!セーラーふく) theme tune, and a song about losing your knee high socks in the changing rooms (Kaeshite! Nīsokkusu かえして!ニーソックス) and a kareoke version of each. The other is Konata’s character song CD, which contains two songs sung by her, which are “Dondake Fanfare” and “D Drive/Love”. I must say I really enjoyed her songs, they will appeal to you if you’re a computer and gaming nerd like myself! ^_^; I plan on looking at the character CD’s in depth in a later review.

The screen wipe! A nice touch, it has a little phone charm attachment so it can be latched on to your bag.

The cover of the DVD… I really love it!  I think it is the way that Konata sees Kagami…!

The shirt included is a mans size lage… This is a problem that can be solved with some scissors, spare time and a sewing machine! ^_^ The shirt is nice quality, and the print seems to have a kind of screen printed feel to it, though it isn’t, but it certainly isn’t one of the cheap prints that will crack after a few washes. If you’re a fan of PJ’s, this shirt would make a lovely nightshirt if it’s too big for you. If I was a guy I’m not sure I’d be confident enough to wear it in public though!

A new biscuit jar…

7 Jul

I picked up a glass biscuit jar at Ikea, and decided to make it a little more interesting.

The ‘whipped cream’ is bathroom sealant piped through an icing bag. The sweeties are made of coloured clay. ^_^ I must say it could be better, but I’m happy enough with it, and surprisingly my boyfriend likes it too!

I am…

6 Jul

stopping for now. No more purchases! I swear living in the middle of nowhere means I spend so much because my only means of entertainment is online shopping! I have been very bad, totally forgetting about how I have to pay a £600 deposit and pay for my MacBook (eee!). Not to mention furniture, food, utilities… ;_; and other necessary things such as the cutest Sanrio fabric to make a quilt with… :3

But, it IS my birthday soon, and all of this stuff is a present to myself. If I say that, I feel less guilty about it! ^_^;

I’ll do reviews soon. I’m trying to enjoy my holiday as much as I can, however I still feel bad about not studying… But working a little helps even that out!


Screw That…

3 Jul

I have been bad. Very bad indeed. After not being able to get my hands on the ToHeart2 magazine, I took a plunge in another direction to satisfy my cravings for stuff.

I’ve ordered the first 4 Lucky Star special edition box sets, and all 4 Lucky Star figmas. This comes to a grand total of way too much. I also ordered a bottle of Tru Blood and a T-Shirt for my boyfriend. And a ToHeart figure… ^_^;

That’s it. No more spending till I have disposable income! It’s my birthday in a month… And the DVDs are a present to myself… >.>

But, my Lucky Star Kagami and Miyuki arrived just now. ^_^ They’re very sweet. I’ll play around with them proplery once I’ve moved and settled in.


In the works…

29 Jun

As usual I have been a bit naughty with my money… Especially as we are moving house(s) next month! My first apartment! 😀 I have ordered the most recent issue of Dengeki G’s (August 2010) which is released tomorrow, and this magazine from 2008.

I’ll be suprised if they can track down a copy to be honest, though the site did say it was available to order… But, there goes ~£70! It’ll be worth it I hope!  >.>

Also I hope at least one will arrive when term has started so I have something to cheer me up! T_T


19 Jun

I hope this blog will be a success! I aim to post reviews and opinions on products that have some kind of Japanse influence, and yes, that includes make up and clothing from time to time (Hime Gyaru and Lolita anyone)?